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mechamugen replied to your post “Thoughts about snsd?”

You don’t dig their japanese stuff? Their JP Mvs are lame but the albums they put out there are top-tier kpop

It’s proooobably mostly a matter of me not really giving it a completely fair chance. I loved Mr. Taxi, somewhat enjoyed Bad Girl, and thought Paparazzi was ok. Anything beyond that I only listened to a handful of times at best, and the only ones I can even remember off the top are Flower Power, Beep Beep and Galaxy Supernova.

A lot of it likely has to do with that stigma of the Japanese stuff being a “side thing” while waiting for the real comeback in Korea, but really it’s just that none of it seemed to grab my attention, so I was heavily indifferent towards the majority of it…

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Thoughts about snsd?

Gee was the first kpop thing I had ever seen, and I was pretty much only interested in SNSD initially. Even when I found T-ara (any period of time after that is referred to as “AT”, or “post-blessing”), SNSD got to enjoy a solid 2nd place.

After a while, though—probably through a general lack of activity and a bunch of Japanese stuff that I was/am just not into—my interest waned a bit. I still like them a lot, and I’d put them over most other groups, but it’s admittedly not the same level of interest as before. Taeyeon and Tiffany forever top tier in my heart, though.

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what is the source for the kyungri photoset?

[Teaser 1] Homme (창민, 이현) _ It Girl

aka death.mp4

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