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Hi do you know an alternative of avisynth for Mac? :(

oops, sorry for the delayed response. It’s not a very good response, either, because I actually have no idea. I’ve never looked into doing any fancy GIF stuff on my mac, but I would imagine worst case scenario it’s probably possible using WINE or something like this to run windows applications. That said, I doubt the scripts/batch files wold work as-is, so it would likely take some work/legitimate understanding to get it going.

Other than that, there’s gotta be a media player that extracts frames into image files, like kmplayer and gomplayer do on Windows? That would cover the first of the two methods to import frames from raw files into photoshop. I don’t know of one, though…so…pls advise.

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Could you gif wings and ladies code ?

…like…anything? or a specific song/performance/MV/member/whatever?

onimonkii asked:


but who is your pritz bias?

Obviously, a very very close call between the bear and the watermelon man in the beanie (aka super-onion-ring)

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who is your red velvet bias ?

What is this deja vu

Answer is about the same, though I don’t think I’m invested enough to legitimately call it a bias. I just like Wendy and Irene most at this moment.

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